I believe in using technology to empower people.


I'm a Brooklyn-based UX designer, and I love creating experiences that connect people with technology in ways that make us feel smarter, more capable, more confident, masterful. 


As a Senior UX Designer at Intersection (formerly Control Group), I delivered award-winning experiences, used by millions, that help New York City subway riders find their way, show students how it feels to pass legislation on the US Senate floor, break technology barriers between sales agents and their clients, and make booking corporate conference rooms a little more delightful. 


My digital product experience includes designing for environmental digital ecosystems, multi-device experiences, service flows, using sensors/beacons for connected product environments, mobile apps, and websites. 


I'm proficient in user experience design, interaction design, concept & ideation, user research, prototyping, service design, digital product development, project management, motion graphics / animation, and video editing.


Recently, I've been consulting at a small healthcare startup called Audicus, whose mission is to transform how the world hears.